Bijlmerbajes Ontgrendeld

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2017 | escape room | interactive theatre | Bijlmerbajes Ontgrendeld

Near the last day of 2016 it came to my attention that the former prison in Amsterdam; the legendary Bijlmerbajes would be demolished by the end of 2017.

As a born and raised Amsterdam kid; I decided this couldn’t pass without notice. The Bijlmerbajes is a historical landmark that thousands of “Amsterdammers” pass by everyday, wondering what goes on behind those walls.

As an experience designer I felt a strong desire to create something that would give an audience a first and last chance to experience what went on behind these walls first hand. Based on the stories of the Bijlmerbajes, I created a “content aware” escape room.

The escape room was open to the public from may 20th, 2017 until january 27th, 2019. After this period the prison was demolished.

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