Kapkta Live

2016 | interactive theatre | transmedia | Kaptka live

Performative interactive treasure hunt in which the audience goes on a scavenger hunt to collect story pieces and builds their own version the truth.

Freely translated:

From all over the country, the best troubadours seeds have come to conduct a bizarre death. What was that motive? Withered weapon murdered? How’s the killer? How did he actually die? Seeds with the team of probes behave best, door specials and fragments of the fragments are blocked. Are you going for a sensational distribution, or do you opt for humor? Every story that becomes in Kaptka is unique, but only the winning story is staged on the spot.

Seen at:
Theaterfestival Boulevard: 4 t/m 14 augustus
Amsterdam Fringe Festival: 6 t/m 11 september

Concept & Uitvoering: Rosa Frabsnap, Joel Vegt | Acteurs: Sofieke de Kater, Matthijs Mahler, Amy van der Weerden | Tekst: Sytze Schalk en Laura van Eck | Vormgeving: Anneloes van Assem | Sounddesign: Eric Magnee | Productie: Mirjam Zwanenburg

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