Cyborg Dating

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2014 |  interactive theatre | virtual reality | research | Cyborg Dating

“The human, permanently attached to its phone, and a human from the future who lives entirely in a virtual, efficient, reflection of the world. Both life forms resulted from the man with his tool. Thanks to the application built by Cyborg Dating, communication between you two will be entirely flawless.”

A research project investigating the possibilities of outdoor location based virtual reality, and social interactions in VR.

CYBORG DATING is a mobile ‘VR4two’ experience: one person wears the VR headset and is guided through the physical environment by the other person, using his or her smartphone. In CYBORG DATING the participants are asked to perform a role. The one with the headset becomes the Cyborg, the other stays Human. As a result, a conversation is triggered about the impact of new technologies on our communication, specifically during a date..

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